Monday, July 18, 2016

A cue ball shaving party

Saturday was the next step in my journey with cancer, baldness.  And because I refused to be upset about this I decided to have a party.  We had so much fun it wasn't funny. From dreadlock looking ponytails to a really bad 90's shag complete with a want to be whale tail, from bad boy band with spiked front to a total buzz job. We laughed and laughed.  They got inventive with wax and gel. Then I had to shower off because their was hair everywhere.  Here is the process in photos.  Hope you enjoy. 

And so it began.  We started with the ponytails and the front braids. But it was only the beginning.


And then the real fun began. 


Even I got in on the fun. 

We kind of cleaned up my VERY bad 90's shag. 

Then it was time to started buzzing it. 

But it was not without incident. 

I look like I belong in a star wars movie! 

I thought we were having fun before but oh no there was SO MUCH MORE to come. 



Just another boy band wanta be. 
Would you like some tea with that, madme? 

A really bad bowl cut. 

My attempt at a punk rocker. 


When all was said and done we had a great time!.  Who knew cutting off all you hear before it falls out could be so incredibly fun.