Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Kitten

My mother-in-law's neighbor's friend found a kitten/ small cat in her pool. It was drowning in the pool when she pool it out. She called me up and asked if we wanted a kitten. The Baron and I decided on an outside cat but the Baron is all worried it's to hot and that she will run away. So she's been staying in the bathroom at night and in the computer room off and on during the days. We have to get her fixed before we put her outside so we don't end up with lots of little kittens. My parents are not ok with animals in the house so she should be moving outside pretty soon. (Well as soon as I find a cheaper place to get her fixed.) For now I've got a 4 to 5 month kitten living in two rooms of my house. She is really pretty calm for a young cat but she does have her moments of insanity.

Here are a few pictures of her.

We were going to have a naming blog entry where everyone could suggest and vote on a name but it seems like her name will be Nony, short for Anonymous which is what the Baron named her.

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