Monday, December 3, 2012

I have to admit

I have to admit I've been super busy these past few weeks.  I've been making all kinds of fun new stuff for Christmas gifts, baby showers and what not..  My living room looks like a fabric tornado had gone through it.  My kitchen island is now doubling as a sewing work station with rotary cutter and mat,  not to mention the 50 lb old sewing machine sitting in the middle of it.  Today's goal is to finish a "Welcome to the World Pack" for Cam's baby Patrick and "You're a big sister" gifts for her girls/ Christmas gifts (since I'm so late in getting it out).


Tomorrow's Goal.... Clean the house after work because my parents and aunt are coming over on Friday so that we can go to a wedding of one of my cousin's on Sunday and my house is about the half way point.

The Baron and I had both been quite sick and it's not been fun.

There seems to be little to no hope of my decorating for Christmas this year.  Past years looked something like this.

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