Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Great scrub deal

Hello dear readers,

Some of you know that I have interviewed with and was hired by a rehab contract company. I have to work 1,260 hours to become fully licensed and get my Certificate of Clinical Competence. I will be working three days a week in two different long term care/in-patient rehab facilities. One facility is about 30 miles from our house and the other is about 55 miles. That means I'll be in traffic for about an hour and a half one way on the days I go to the farther facility. I'm not looking forward to that part but I guess it's only three days a week and I can work there for a year then look again for something closer.

In preparation for starting my new job I had to get some scrubs. I found a place near the house that was having a sale on their discontinued styles (Didn't know scrubs had different styles before that). Well I decided that I'd at least try a few on and low and behold I found some. For you guys who are not in the medical field and don't realize how much scrubs are, a pretty nice set (one that isn't 100% cotton) runs about $50 to $60. The higher end scrubs run about $30 for the tops alone. I was able to pick up some really expensive brands from their sale rack for $5.50 per top and $ 4.50 per pants. The mid-quality set out of the sale been was $2.50 a piece. I got 2 complete outfits and 3 extra pairs of pants for $40.00. I was super excited! The baron told me I should brag about the purchase on here since it was such a great deal. Now if I can only find an other shirt with an empire waist in a petite size I'll be really excited. I'll even be willing to pay full price for it since I got such a great deal on the rest of my scrubs.

I also bought a new pair of Nike tennis shoes for work yesterday and they were only $40.00. Over all I think it was a very productive shopping day.
On a totally different note, my parents are coming back to visit and to fix the Barons car. (My dad and the Baron are doing that). They are also coming to help me remodel my master bathroom this weekend. (It will be a group effort). We are going to need to remove wall paper, maybe re-float the sheet rock and paint it. If things go well, I'll have pictures of that to put up by the end of next week. If not I'll have to live with a half way done remodeling project till they are able to come back again to finish it. Lets hope we can do this in a timely manner.

This is my inspiration for the bathroom. (Or at least the color and texture)


  1. That is an awesome deal on the scrubs! I remember when we had to buy Shawn's first few pairs. He even had a med student discount, but paid a lot. Since then, I have picked him up a pair or two from Wal-Mart. Now when he is on a surgery rotation, they dress at the hospital so he gets to borrow scrubs from the hospital.

  2. Love the deal you got on the scrubs! I always love noticing the difference in the scrubs the nurses and other personel wear when I am in the hospital. It is wonderful how people can still infuse so much personality in their work wardrobe, with the restrictions on what they can wear.

    BTW, I love your blog title. I think you have the better choice! Definitely prefering Etouffee over laundry!