Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A long week of re-modeling

Hello Everyone out there in blogger land,
This week has been very busy. My parents came in on Saturday. On Sunday my father helped the Baron to fix his car. I am SOOO excited we have two working cars again. My father has resurrected that dead car once again. She really is a blue haired old lady these days. I guess it's a miracle she's still alive period. She's a delta 88 and has been on her last leg since she was given to the Baron about 4 years ago.

The other project, the one that has been keeping us up so late is the bathroom. We've been having a great time peeling wall paper off the walls in the bathroom for the last 3 days. WHY DO PEOPLE EVER PUT WALL PAPER ANYWAY! It's hard to put up and hard to take down. Once all the paper comes down my dad is going to float the walls and then paint the base coat. Then I get to faux finish it. We're still on the removal of w
all paper stage. Hopefully that will be done tonight. The Baron and my father are still working on it. I'm taking a
break. I can't feel my hands anymore and my back is killing me. I'm sure my father is hurting too. He and I have been at it all day. Not bad for a 70 year old. He's really hanging in there. Well I better go back and help so we can get to bed before 1 AM. If I can find the camera I'll post pictures on the next blog entry (maybe tomorrow). This is the before picture. I'll put a during and hopefully an after if all goes well. My parents have to go back home this coming Saturday for my Great-Nephew's birthday party. See you guys later.

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