Thursday, February 17, 2011

My wedding (inspired by Betty Beguiled)

Hey guys,
To give you a reprieve from the remodeling talk, I'll talk about my wedding instead. I got the idea from Betty Beguiled. She was asking about weddings and wedding dresses so I'll talk about mine here.

I loved my dress and I still do. It took me about a year, 3 states, about 7 cities, 20 bridal shops, and 100 dresses (I'm not exaggerating) to find it. The top and the bottom originally come from two different dresses by one designer. We called the company and they made my dress exclusively for me.
The bodice was originally strapless but the bridal shop made a sheer higher back with covered buttons and sheer sleeves. They also beaded the bottom of the sleeves to mimic the rest of the dress. The dress was made of golden (it was more of a cross between cream, champagne, and candle light) Italian Satin with a double Cathedral length couture satin and tulle train. It had a sweet heart neckline, the bodice was elaborately beaded with Swarovski Crystal and embroidered with platinum thread. It had a ball gown style skirt with scalloped hemline that barely missed the floor. When I walked it looked like I was floating. The train and skirt were also elaborately beaded with Swarovski Crystal and embroidered with platinum thread. The back of the dress had covered buttons from the top of the train all the way to the back of my neck.

Close up view

Detail of the train.

It took forever for me to find the dress but once I did I fell in love. I had my grandmother's diamond and platinum watch band made into earrings and wore them. I also carried her rosary in my bouquet. I wore my prom shoes because they had a pretty embroidered flower pattern that complimented the dress. We had them re-dyed because they were still white. My hair was worn up with my sister's head piece and I bought a scalloped beaded veil with blusher. I felt like a princess all night.

My sister and I both got married Dec. 28th. My wedding day was her 25th wedding anniversary. So now I will never forget her anniversary date and the guys can call to remind each other.
The mass was held in a simple church that was beautifully decorated from Christmas.

My wedding colors were white and red. The girls all wore red satin floor length dresses with boleros. The styles of the dresses were different and fit their body types but all looked very similar


The grooms men all wore black tuxes with red vests and ties. The fathers wore black tuxes with gray vests and ascots. (They both looked very dignified).

We had two ring bearers but only one made it down the aisle. Our flower girl was so cute in her dress. It had a few of the same characteristics of mine but was very little girl appropriate.
My local church choir (the whole choir) sang for my wedding. We had the Mass of the Angel's sung. The whole wedding had an ethereal feel to it.

The reception hall was decorated with white and ivory with touches of red. We had a seated dinner reception. I heard the food was good from everyone. (Even if I didn't get to eat any) After dinner we danced the night away


Over all I loved my appearance and had the princess wedding that I always wanted.


  1. Baroness-You were a jaw-droppingly gorgeous bride!

  2. Oh my goodness - that dress is sublime!!

  3. Who's that cute groomsman on the Baron's right? Haha :P Your dress is amazing. I'm sad I didn't get to see you in it!