Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter! (For the next 39 days)

Spend Easter Sunday at a friends house and I made a Berry Triful.

 It was very good. I made 2 and they ate all of one. The other one is sitting in my frig waiting for someone to come along and eat it.

This is what I wore for Easter Sunday.

I got the skirt on Saturday from Goodwill. I forgot I didn't have anything to wear until Good Friday and then we didn't get around to going shopping till Saturday. I guess all's well that ends well. And I got the skirt for $6. It's a Talbots skirt. I also picked up 4 more skirts, a dress, and 4 shirts that match with 3 of the skirts. All for under $55. Not too bad, I have to say. The Baron picked up a solid wood coat stand for $14, and a 100 year old Catholic school reader for $2. Overall it was a nice productive trip to Goodwill.

The Baron wanted to know if anyone else shopped like we do. I have to say, lately I've had better luck at Goodwill than I do at department stores. Why spend more if you don't have to, right?


  1. I shop at Goodwill! I have an in-table from there. And I bought work pants for the in between sizes during pregnancy (before I fit or wanted to fit in pregnancy pants, but didn't fit in small size). I have gotten a few dresses and shirts there.

  2. It's very cute! And that Berry Triful makes me hungry just looking at it!!!!