Saturday, January 8, 2011

Semi- Homemade pizza

So tonight was pizza night. When I asked the Baron what he wanted for dinner he said... Pizza sounds good. So pizza it was. I'm going to let all of you know about my little pizza secret. Buy Red Baron pizza on sale (2.99 or less) and them help it along. Not really sure how much the pizza ends up costing because most of the time I tend to have the ingredients on hand. But I'm pretty sure it's less than the $26.00 that the chain stores want for it and mine has a lot more toppings. Mine looks more like deep dish. I usually start off with a layer of pepperoni, then cheep pre-packaged deli ham cut into triangles, then olives, bell pepper, and mushrooms, another layer of pepperonis and ham then cheese. Put it in the oven for about 25 min or until the cheese is starting to turn golden. I tend to use my pizza stone because I find it adsorbs some of the water and helps to keep the crust more crispy. After it's done I put caramelized onions on it. I caramelize my onions in the microwave with a garlic roaster.

Tonight I had some ingredients I don't usually put on my pizza but they needed to be used so I took the leap of faith and just did it. Added to the above ingredient I added 3 strips of bacon I forgot in the fridge from who knows when that was turning brown. I cut it up and cooked it before putting it on the pizza. (I wanted to taste it to make sure it wasn't bad before I put it on the pizza). I also had some sun-dried tomatoes and the Kalamata olives from yesterday talpia. I was very impressed. I think everyone was happy and we still have 3 slices of pizza left for tomorrow or a late night snack. Now you know how to make The Baroness's whatever's in the fridge pizza.

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