Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What not to wear

Cam at A Year of Dresses commented that she had gone out to eat with her mother and some of her friends for lunch and noted that many of the girls were wearing really short shorts, tall boots and jackets. Another person commented that in their area it was short jeans skirts and tall boots. Sadly it's not only their areas that are plagued with this micro short, jacket, tall boot combo. It seems to be a blooming style. Why girls wear such things in 30 degree and colder weather is beyond me. I'm hoping it stops soon. My other advice to girls is that legging tights are NOT PANTS! so don't wear them with the false idea that they are. A micro dress and leggings don't cut it.

The Baron and I went out to eat with his family for his sisters conformation and I was appalled at what the women had on in the restaurant. The necklines were so low that their breast were practically falling out. Others had on pants and shorts so tight I swear they could have been painted on because you could see every line and bump. One girl really looked like she was a stripper. Strapless bustier top, skin tight low rise jeans, and at least 4 to 5 inch heals. It was like a train wreck, you know you shouldn't look but you just do. Now I remember why we don't tend to go out to eat during peak hours. If I'm that uncomfortable I can just imagine how my husband feels. He and I have a code, when one of us sees someone who is not dressed appropriately we say free drink and the other looks down at their feet.

As I've mentioned before The Baron and I teach conformation classes at our local church. Lately I've been noticing that the girls are wearing clothes that cover less and less of their bodies and the clothes they do tend to wear gets tighter and tighter. I know that this isn't only happening here but is an epidemic in our society. What can these girls think of themselves if they don't have enough respect to cover themselves when going out of the house. Where are their parents? I am finding that more and more individuals are wearing less and less to mass. And I'm not just talking about teenagers. If they aren't willing to cover their bodies in a place of worship where will they? How do we stop this? I used to be appalled at strapless dresses now I'd be happy if those strapless dresses weren't cut down to their navels. I realize that it is difficult to find appropriately covering clothes without looking frumpy but I think if more women demanded it more designers would be making it. If we keep going at this rate before we know it we will be wearing nothing but underwear and then what? Being nude? Come one people. Have respect for yourself and stop putting yourself out there like a piece of meat. I here my teenage girls complain that the guys don't respect them. I hear married women complain that their husbands don't treat them right and they cheat on them. I believe that a lot could be done for our society if people would just stand up and say no more. No more of this. I am a lady and I will dress and act like one. I demand that the men around me treat me as a lady. But instead we are not treating ourselves with the respect that we deserve as God's creations. How can we expect others to treat us the way we know is right and just?

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  1. Very good points. I see this type of dress often. I sighed when I read "Where are there parents?" Sadly enough I know some girls whose mothers shop and buy those clothes for their daughters and themselves. They are more 'friend' instead of parent. Parents are afraid to say no because their children may not like them. I remember going throughout several periods not liking the way my mother ran the house, but now being more grown up, I completely understand why she did what she did. And I know there will be times my daughter will not like me. Because I will say no to that kind of dress atire.

    It is also sad that young girls so called "role models" on tv dress that way, talk nothing but trash, promote sexual encounters with multiple partners premarital, etc. I tuned into "Jersey Shore" the other day just to see what the hype was. I was appalled by the amount of times I heard the "F" word in 5 minutes. Needless to say, I didn't watch the remainder of the show.

    So, in all, if a girl can't look up to her mother, and all she sees on television is trash, what can be expected?