Sunday, January 2, 2011

Family Movie Pick of the Day

Good old American film. My pick of the day is "The Bell's of Saint Mary's". It's a great catholic movie. A movie that portrays the Catholic church in a very favorable light. Unfortunately this is almost unhurt of in movies of today. This movie is a very safe family friendly film. The closest you get to immodesty is one little girl with a very short baby doll style dress. This movie makes me smile and wish I lived in that simpler time. When mom's stayed home with their little ones and the world didn't look down on you for it. When nuns looked like nuns and priests always wore black suits and roman collars.
This past year I have discovered a love for old classic movies. The Baron has discovered that I have a crush on Bing Crosby. I have to admit that voice and those eyes even in black and white can make a girls heart melt. I'm sure Bing will be showing up in some of my other movie picks in the future. Now I'm off to mass. Until next time dear readers.

- The Baroness

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