Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Veggie Chicken soup recipe

Thank you Betty Crocker for a great quick and easy recipe. I made Betty Crocker's Healthy French Peasant Chicken Stew last night for dinner. It was great. The baron even commented on how flavorful it was. I made a few improvements (really it was a mistake/ accident but we'll call it an improvement). 1st I bought a 3 lb chicken this gave me more meat then I needed but I put it all in. I'd recommend it for a larger family but I'd also tweak the recipe to incorporate that much chicken. I also put a bit more chicken broth than required because the can holds 2 cups and I didn't want 1/4 th of a cup of broth sitting in the fridge. I put 2 times the amount of mushrooms and sliced them large because we love mushrooms. It could have used more potatoes. I'll know for next time. We ate it for dinner last night, had lunch this afternoon and I'm thinking we might have it again for dinner tonight so we can finish it off. Over all it's a great cold night dinner. I think it even works well for those newly solid finger food eaters because you can take out the carrots cut them up into small pieces, feed them the peas, and cut up the chicken. I paired it with some jalapeno cheese loaf and it was delicious. I think it would go nicely with some warm Italian bread sticks and a salad. A wonderful soup salad and bread sticks dinner night. Curl up after and watch a good black and white classic movie and the night would be complete.

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  1. This really looks yummy! I am always up for new recipes. Of course right now, I can dish out any crockpot recipe for weeknights. I leave the real cooking for the weekends.
    ETA: Just looked at the recipe. Might not be too hard to manage after work. :-)