Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Christmas season So Far

Happy fifth day of Christmas my dear readers,

So far this Christmas season has had it's ups and downs. On Christmas eve the Baron and I went to mass at a church in a neighboring town of Nowhere, La. I sang in the adult choir while there. This was do to the fact that the new pastor of my parents church disbanded the volunteer choir back in the summer and therefor there was no Christmas choir. Most of the members of the now disbanded choir have joined the neighboring towns choir.
Later that evening after all of my siblings and their families arrived at my parents house for our family Christmas party, we opened family gifts. It is a tradition for all of the grandchildren to sleep over so that Santa drops off all the presents at one location. (The grand-kids are now in their 20s.) It was great watching the great-grandchild opening his Christmas presents. He got a slinky, some large legos, a small four wheeler and a few other toys and puzzles. The Baron got Santa to take me a lovely Marian medal, and a Jackie Evancho CD. Santa brought him shirts, pants, socks, undies, and undershirts. Santa was very practical this year. He must of known that the Baron was in dire need of non-holy clothes.

On the second day of Christmas, the Baron and I went after Christmas ornament shopping. I spent all of his money on Catholic Christmas ornaments (nativity scenes, crosses, etc.)

On the third day of Christmas, my father changed the oil in my car and discovered that our CV joint was cracked so it had to be changed (there went another $150.) Then we drove back to Big City, Tx that night.

The fourth day of Christmas was our Anniversary. We were bums the whole day. We went to "Lunch" at 4:00 at Chic-fil-A. The plan was to come home and dress up to go to dinner later in the evening. (That didn't happen). Instead we went to the outlet mall and walked around for a while. Since we ate so late we weren't hungry so we came home and watch Bing Crosby in "Top of the Morning to You." We ate our anniversary cake and drank Mimosas. We then played Lego Star wars on the PS3 together and went to bed.

That leads us to this morning. Nothing eventful has occurred yet. It has been raining all morning so who knows what today will bring.

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