Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hello Blogging World

Hello Blogging world,
This is my first blog ever. I'm not quite sure what this blog will turn into but at this point I'm going to just talk about my life.

This week has been very busy. My parents have come from LA and that means a slight change in my schedule. My amazing father has come to save our cars, relay our carpet after the minor flood in the middle of the house, fix the roof and paint our kitchen. Between the Baron and I we only had half a car. The Baron's car needed a new water pump and my car needed it's left drivers side mirror reattached. Thanks to the handy dandy father we now have two working cars. He relayed most of the carpet in our two halls caused by our toilet overflowing for what seems like no good reason. Now we just have to wait for a floor guy to come and re-seam one of the halls. The roof has been repaired in the spot that was leaking, and my kitchen is slowly changing colors from pail beige to a Kelly Bunkport Green. Not bad for an old dad if I have to say so myself.

My mother and I have been putting up Christmas decorations. We have decorated the mantel, my sofa table, and our front formal living room where the tree is located.

Like I said it's been a busy week. O and to top it all off both the Baron and I are coming down with colds. I say my parents brought it down with them. One can hope that we are both well
enough to make it to our family chirstmas party this weekend.

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