Monday, December 27, 2010

Women Issue with a minor rant

Well hello blogging world,
Sorry for the long absence but the Baron and I went over to no where, Louisiana to visit my parents for Christmas and to see my gynecologist. I'll split the visit between two posts so if anyone doesn't want to read about the Dr. visit they won't have to.


Ok now for some of my female readers who don't mind hearing about issues. I went to the gynecologist, who I absolutely adore, on Thursday. He's an NFP only practitioner which makes me very happy. I was pressured by my last gynecologist to take birth control pills to "help" a problem I may or may not have.

A little back story. I've always had bad periods from day one. I remember my first period like it was yesterday because it was one of the most painful periods of my life (and that's saying something). This happened when I was 12 and while at the beach on vacation. Not the best memories of that years vacation. Fast forward to when I was 19 and going to the Gynecologist for the first time. I went to my mother's gynecologist. He was a very nice man, and I always felt very comfortable talking with him. He recommended that I be put on a low dose birth control pill which was supposed to help with regulating my cycles and lessen the pain associated with what he thought was endometriosis. I did this until the year before I planned to get married. This is when I announced to him that I wanted to get off the Birth control pills. His suggestion was to give me the progesterone shot. (Um, no. He was missing the point). I then told him I wanted to do NFP and he laughed at me. He told me that I wouldn't get pregnant with the endometriosis and that we'd have to do surgery to solve the problem. He then told me that if I wanted 15 babies that was fine but NFP didn't work. I was a bit hot under the collar when I got out of that appointment.

I then looked into NFP and found an NFP only doctor on the one more soul website. He is amazing. He told me I probably didn't have endometriosis but that we'd play things by ear. He offered couple to couple league NFP classes and the Baron and I took them. I charted for about six months before we got married and have charted ever since.

On Thursday I went back to him for my annual visit. He said everything looked and felt normal when he did the pelvic exam. He looked over my charts and decided to draw blood to check my hormone levels. He's put me on estrogen cream for a few days at the beginning of my cycle and progesterone towards the middle to end of my cycle. This is supposed to help me to carry a baby by evening out my hormones. He also did an iodine test on me. I apparently didn't do so hot and have and iodine deficiency. I'm going to be on iodine supplements for a while. He also thinks that I might have a thyroid problem. So now you are all updated on the intimate parts of my life. If anyone has had similar experiences let me know. I'm eager to hear that I'm not the only one having issues in this department.

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