Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Love at first sight... Well more like love at first chat.

How the Baron and I ended up where we are. Well I guess this story actually starts long before we actually met each other with my previous boyfriend. I met Sterling at a retreat held at a catholic school one Sunday. Sterling and I became friends and talked on the phone for years. Every Sunday between one and four thirty he would call and we would talk. We eventually started dating but since I was the only one who could drive and was only allowed to drive on the opposite side of town from where he lived things were strange. I was a junior in high school and our little romance slowly fizzled as my faith strengthened and his waned. By the Christmas formal our relationship reverted back to being best friends and I found myself giving him pointer regarding how to woo another girl. By happen stance I hung out with sterling at a math tournament and got to meet his best friend's parents. His best friend wasn't there because he was on a conformation retreat and was unable to make it to the math tournament. (This becomes kind of important later.) I forgot this meeting almost as quickly as it had happen. Time went on and Sterling and I started hanging out more on the computer and less time on the phone. Possibly due to the major phone bill we were racking up and the fact that my mother took umbrage with the fact my best friend was a guy. One day at this point it's Easter, Sterling uses my computer and screen name to talk to his best friend who isn't being allowed to use the phone. Little did I know that this happen stance was a turning point in my life. After Sterling's mother drove to come pick him up I introduced myself through a chat to his best friend. I explained that I was Sterling's ex-girlfriend and that I new a bit about him. I thought he seemed like a nice guy and we began talking through the instant messenger system and e-mails. (I still have all the e-mails he sent me and some of the instant messenger chats). His parents were even more strict than mine and that's saying something so he wasn't allowed to talk to me on the phone after about 7:00 p.m. As teenagers do we managed to get around this by a loop whole. We discovered one day that just before the phone would ring at his house the modem in his room would flash three times. So every night at 9:30 when I'd go to bed I'd call him and he'd pick up the phone before it would ring. We talked this way for hours. Our friendship grew and blossomed, the day had come when we were to meet in person for the first time. We had been friends by phone and internet for about six months at this point but had never met face to face. The Baron had been working at this little Italian restaurant and we decided that we'd meet there because it was a bike ride from his house and his parents wouldn't think anything of him going to work to pick up or drop something off. We were to meet there. Well that meeting almost didn't happen because we didn't recognize who the other was. I had brought my niece who was four years younger than me for the meeting. She pointed out that there was this guy standing at the window looking very Anxious. Well that was when I made my move and went up to him and asked if he was "Baron". He was. I found out that he only had about 20 min because it was his dad's birthday and his family was having a special dinner. We ended up staying 40 min and he did get in trouble for being late. (That was a bit of foreshadowing). I remember thinking "God thank you for letting me meet him." And "guys like him don't date girls like me". We met again for a band competition, and our third "date" was the state band competition. As regular teenagers we snuck around trying to see each other in secret so that we didn't get parental flack. My much older brother (he's 20 years older than me), caught us going to the movies together once and gave him the third degree but it didn't seem to phase him. O did I mention that the Baron was only 16 at the time and I was 18. We began to date publicly our senior year in high school. (Remember that family I met at the math competition, yeah come to find out it was the Baron's family. So technically I met them before I met him.) We ended up going to a few school dances together but we didn't go to the same school, in fact we lived about 30 miles away from each other. I tried to see him as often as I could, driving into town almost every weekend just to see him when he'd get off of work. By the time graduation came along I was in love, although I don't think he'd admit it I think he was too. We had decided to go to two different colleges about 600 miles apart. This meant that we would be having a long distance relationship. We both got cell phones. I think the unlimited calls within network, and our trusted instant messenger system saved our relationship.

My mother kept warning me that my great guy was a great catch and wouldn't stick around for me. With time I started to believe her. For the first year of college I'd see him on school breaks when he'd come home to see his parents but during the second year his parents moved to Tx. I thought for sure that was the end. But no he would make special trips to come out to see me staying at my parents house for school breaks. This continued for about four years. Their was talk about getting married but I refused to get married before I was finished with school. I graduated with a BS in speech language pathology in December of 2006, Second in the university. At this point he was still pursuing his BS in mechanical engineering and had a year of school left. I went to another in state university to get my MS in communicative sciences. This meant we had to wait another three years, till I finished all the course work required for a masters. Into the second year of masters degree, after the Baron had a job and had paid off all his student loans (I refused to marry someone in debt.) The Baron proposed on a beach just after sunset. We planned to get married Dec. of 2009 a week after I graduated with my masters degree. Things didn't go quite as planned but we got married December 28th 2009, my sister's 25th wedding anniversary. I graduated with a MS communicative sciences and disorder May of 2010. One year into our marriage I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life. I love being a house wife while waiting for my dream job to come along so I can get my full certification, and start our family. We are waiting till I have full certification so that if I want to stay home with my babies I won't have to go back to school in the case of me for whatever reason needing to go to work to actually make a living to support our family. So that's how we got here.

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