Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Weekend

This weekend the Baron and I drove down to my parents house in one stop light, La. It's only four hours away but that drive wipes me out every time. We drove there after the Baron came home from work on Friday, which means that we got to my parents house at about midnight. We had a Christmas party at a cousin's home on Sat after going to mass at a little catholic church.

It was great to see the whole family again. I always love the great homemade food at these family parties. As the next generation of ankle biters ran around and had a grand ole time, the older generations talked loudly among themselves. We played crazy Santa and I got a really nice iron art piece which will look great in my new green kitchen above the window. The Baron got some Cajun injector stuff for me to cook with. Over all it was a nice trip home.

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